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Beautiful, off the shelf pieces of art to wear. Custom Gothic and Baroque rings and pendants that perfectly suit your personality.
anniversary baroque ring
silver baroque band

Welcome to Grey Wolf Jewellery,

Grey Wolf Jewellery's concept design strikes the balance between wearability and artistry, thus offering our customers something special.


Here you can find fine jewelry with richly detailed designs, crafted by the most skilfull hands and using the latest technology on the market.

All the jewelry pieces are designed with special care and thought for every detail.

Jewelry is not just something to wear but it should tell a story, make a statement about the wearer.

At Grey Wolf Jewellery you can request a customized piece and choose from different styles (from gothic rings, baroque pendants and steampunk jewelry or a fusion of styles), to build your unique story. You can also choose from a variety of metals and metal finishes including: sterling silver, palladium, platinum or gold in different colors. 

Every piece can be highly customized to meet your specific needs. 

Contact us for personalized & custom jewelry and we would be happy to provide a quote for you.


All jewelry pieces are dense and solid with no cheap hollowing out. 

We only use high quality materials and conflict-free metals.